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3 Common Causes of Hip Pain

Some people think hip pain is due solely to aging, or perhaps because of a lack of appropriate exercise. In reality, hip pain can happen to anyone, and it doesn’t matter what your age or physical fitness level is.

Dr. Philip Regala provides orthopedic care to patients in and around Naples, Florida. This includes diagnosis, advice, treatment, and (if necessary) surgery for hip pain. Whether your pain is caused by an injury, arthritis, or another condition, he can help you determine the cause and build a treatment and recovery plan to help you through it. 

Diagnosing the cause of hip pain

Regardless of what’s caused your hip issues, the results are usually the same: mobility problems, chronic pain, and a quality of life that is far from up-to-par.  Diagnosing the problem and getting proper treatment are the first steps to dealing with hip pain. Here are three primary causes you should consider:

1. New or old trauma

One of the most common causes of hip pain is an injury to the hip joint. This can be a recent injury, or an old one that’s caused arthritis to develop in the previously injured joint. 

Think back to see if you’ve ever had a trauma to the affected hip. This could be a sports injury or a car accident that maybe only caused you pain for a short period of time, but did significant and permanent damage to your hip.  

2. Medical conditions

Others causes of chronic or acute hip pain include many medical conditions that can develop in the hip joint or surrounding area, such as: 

3. Referred pain

Pain that originates elsewhere, such as the spine, can manifest in the hip. This kind of pain is extremely common in women who suffer from osteoarthritis. This referred pain may take a few visits to track down as Dr. Regala eliminates potential sources to find the true cause.

Treatments for hip pain

Dr. Regala may recommend taking some time off your feet to allow a hip injury to heal, and may send you to physical therapy to restore range of motion. If pain continues to be an issue, he can prescribe anti-inflammatory medication, administer corticosteroid injections or viscosupplementation, or even give you platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

Dr. Regala might be able to repair damage to your hip joint and relieve pain using arthroscopic surgery. This option involves tiny incisions, a miniature camera, and specialized tools to deliver results with a minimally invasive procedure. If you need a complete hip replacement, he can discuss this with you as well, and create a plan for a full recovery.  

Are you suffering from hip pain? Contact our office at 239-325-1131, or book an appointment online.

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