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PRP Therapy for Chronic Pain

If you're struggling with chronic pain, you know that finding relief can be a challenge. Now, though, many people are turning to new methods of healing and pain mitigation, such as regenerative medicine. Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, provides a modern, safe therapy, boosting your body's natural regenerative responses to reduce inflammation and improve healing. 

Dr. Philip Regala, located in Naples, Florida, provides PRP therapy using the Arthrex ACP® Double Syringe System, which works faster and more efficiently than other PRP preparation methods. You spend less time in the waiting room and more time feeling like yourself again. With the healing benefits of platelet-rich plasma, you can begin moving past chronic pain and start focusing on your life. 

What is PRP therapy?

Your blood contains various components, including white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, and a watery plasma. Platelets are the essential factor here; they're responsible for helping the blood clotting process and enabling faster wound healing. PRP therapy works by isolating the platelets in the liquid component of your blood. 

When injected into an injured area, these platelets get to work and begin healing the region by releasing growth factors. PRP therapy can boost the healing ability of muscles, ligaments, bones, cartilage, and other parts of your body. It’s used heavily in orthopedics, either to treat injuries or as a post-surgical treatment to speed healing.

How is PRP made?

We make platelet-rich plasma in our office using your own blood. Because PRP therapy uses your body's biological matter, your body will automatically accept the treatment and put the platelets to work. This method prevents allergic reactions, dependency, and other side effects caused by traditional pain treatments. 

After we draw a small sample of your blood, we spin it in a centrifuge to separate the blood components. The platelets become suspended in your plasma, and then we inject the PRP solution into the site of your chronic pain. Most PRP preparation methods take over half an hour, but Dr. Regala uses the double-syringe system that cuts the process down to mere minutes.

The entire session only takes a few minutes from start to finish, and you can have PRP injections routinely as needed for pain relief. PRP has a high success rate for cases like chronic low back pain. In one study, 68% of patients treated had a 75% improvement in their pain symptoms. Doctors have been using this therapy for years, applying it to issues ranging from hair loss and skin aging to debilitating chronic pain. 

To learn more about PRP therapy and discuss your chronic pain treatment, contact Dr. Regala to schedule a consultation. Call us at 239-325-1131, or book an appointment online

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